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Hair from Elikatira

End Of Day

Woojootic Dress from UFO for Euphoria Spring/Summer Fashion Week

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Cheerno Long skirt for Euphoria Spring/Summer Fashion Week

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Items from Euphoria Spring/Summer Fashion Week
as indicated

Pink shirt: Cropped top from K&Co

Hair: Hye from Elikatira

Skin: My as yet unreleased skin is from Ugly Duck. Unlike so many skins available today, this skin is not made from a template and tweaked a little. This unique series of skins are hand drawn by Fade Lei. She will be showing a new, specially designed skin at Culture Shock commencing on May 1st.

If you are looking for a different look that is hand drawn, pop along to Fade’s store and see her work. All skins have a shape tailor made to fit also available, and come in A, B and C cup (both skin and shape). There is no oversized, unrealistic cleavage enhancers, no photoshopped skin pores showing, no mismatched seams. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.