I’ve a variety of interesting things to show you today…

A Springy step

New hair from Elikatira and jewellery from a new store on the Elikatira sim, Je Suis

A Springy step

A really colourful set of dresses, or tunics as I prefer, from the Sn@tch riot-vend. This was indeed a bargain, and well worth your while to join the Sn@tch VIP group in world for notices of bargains, new releases etc. Ivey is a most generous creator!

A Springy step

Yes, these are cats on my leggings, which I purchased some time back from GATO. The boots are a FLF from Reek

A Springy step


Tunic/dress: Shiki from Sn@tch

Leggings: Cats from GATO

Hair: Paper (new) from Elikatira

Jewellery: Douce from Je Suis, which you can reach from the TP point at Elikatira

Boots: Boston boots from Reek

Poses: by Clique