I found this amazing hat. So amazing in fact, that I modded my hair to fit the hat. If you want this, chances are you also will have to mod some hair to accommodate it. Remember to make a copy so you don’t wreck the original (of hat and hair)

The Hat & The Sea Hole

This amazing hat comes from Deviant Girls. It’s worth your while to pay a visit, as you will find an array of quirky clothing and accessories, from the talented Ruby69kill Moonites. Her sim is also a joy to visit.

The Hat & The Sea Hole

This dress I found to be refreshingly summery, and a little different from run of the mill. In fact, the entire store is not run of the mill. Another ‘must’ on your shopping expedition is The Sea Hole.

The Hat & The Sea Hole

And finally, this delightful summer romper, perfect for swanning around on Mars (That’s where I am for these photos), just as long as you have a good brolly, and some sturdy boots as the ground is rather rocky.


Clothing: All clothing from The Sea Hole

The Hat: Tartan Beret – available in various tartans, from Deviant Girls

Boots: from Reek

Hair: Yuka in orange from EHA

Brolly: Imported Parasol from The Sea Hole

Photographed at Mars on Insilico South