There’s been a Mexican Fiesta at Tableau, with lots of pretties to buy!

Mexican Fiesta

Viento Peasant Blouse from Tres Blah, comes with colourful bangles

Mexican Fiesta

Peasant dress in a variety of colours. I’ve added also the Beaded Necklace, also available in a range of colours

Mexican Fiesta

Beautiful Payote Summer skirt from Grixdale, teamed with Lacy Lady Top from FD

Mexican Fiesta

And the Lacy Lady Top from FD with prims

Mexican Fiesta

Yummy undies from PIG

Mexican Fiesta

As evening falls, thus ends my trip to the Mexican Fiesta. As usual, beautiful things to be found, including the swishy hair from Clawtooth. You will note in this post I have referred to “Peasant” in the name of a number of outfits. Please be aware, this has absolutely nothing to do with downtrodden masses in any part of the world past or present. It is a terminology used to describe a style which had it’s origins in Europe and then spread across the world, due to practicality and popularity. Juliette Westerberg has, with her usual flair for creativity, given us a delightful interpretation of the colour and style for which this design has gained fame over a long period of time.


Peasant dress and blouse: Tres Blah @ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Lacy Lady Top: FD @ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Skirt: Payote Summer from Grixdale @ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Necklace and Bangle: from Tres Blah@ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Undies: La Caprichosa from PIG @ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Hair: Unicorn Kisses and Flower Power hair flower both from Clawtooth @ Mexican Fiesta at Tableau

Poses: Tea Soup at Pose Fair