This past year has been a tumultuous time for me, in both a physical and a virtual sense. I’ve lived through some terrible highlights (if that’s the appropriate word) and will carry those scars for the rest of my days.

I’ve met some incredible people, developed new friendships, reinforced old friendships, and also discarded some friendships.

I’ve lost a child forever. I’ve lived through a 7.1 earthquake and about 4,000 aftershocks. I’ve seen the world tumble and turn. I’ve seen the nastier side of a corporatised VW company. I’ve seen a fledgling VW grow, step by step.

I’ve seen the best, most brilliantly heartening side of human nature in all its amazing compassion. I’ve seen the darkest side of people’s souls, I’ve seen despair and anguish.

I’ve seen shady diplomacy peeled back on the world stage and the reactions to it.

I’ve seen exuberant creativity flourish wherever there is even just one person. I’ve seen exquisite art appear as if by magic. I’ve seen and heard musicians sing the BLUES.

In other words, I’ve lived through the year. I’ve been blessed to have contact with so many people who have enriched my life simply by their acquaintance.

I’m about to start a further step in my voyage, moving to another country. Naturally, I do not know when I will have internet access, or if I need or want it. I suspect I will want access as I have lived with the internet and watched it grow from a wee thing to an all-encompassing behemoth that it is today.

However, my blog will be untouched I suspect for some time. I may come back, specially as winter approaches around June next year. Until then, keep as well as you can, cherish your loved ones, and stop and think for a minute just once in a while…whatever happened to that funny Arabella?


Arabella Steadham