While stumbling around Inworldz this evening (which I frequently do – stumble that is) I chanced upon a gem of a store. Pants! Wonderful capri length pants, perfect for summerrrrrr!!

Snazzy Pants!

Brilliant colour to brighten your day ). This pose is made by my old friend Fine Caliber

Snazzy Pants!

More pants

Snazzy Pants!

And more pants

Snazzy Pants!

And yet more pants!

Snazzy Pants!

What are you waiting for? Click the links – oh, and remember, these are all Inworldz


All clothes from Innis Designs

Shoes: Chux by Stellar

Skin: Rouge by Pulse

Hair: Dana new today from Emo-tions

Poses: By Luth Brodie of Crux