I am the Warrior

The Warrior

I am known by many names. I have no friends on my journey.

The Warrior

I command nought but my mind, my body, and my will. It is by those, and those alone, that I stand or fall.

The Warrior

My sole companion is my weapon. I must care for it better than any hunter has ever cared for his beast. I must master it more than any warlock has ever mastered his demon. Without me, it is useless. Without it, I am nothing.

The Warrior

I cannot heal. I cannot shield. I cannot call upon the gods and see my prayers answered. I call to the spirits of my ancestors in the heat of battle, and they are silent.

The Warrior

I come in all races, all sizes. I fight under a thousand flags, on a million battlefields.

The Warrior

The cry goes up…”Where, oh where, is the Warrior?” Pray to your gods that I continue to answer that call. I will be out there, on the battle lines. Fighting. Killing. Dying.


Skins: All skins from Equinox RP range by Pulse

Hair: All hair from Emo-tions

Clothing: Both kilts from Emo-tions

Boots: Remus boots from the Bobbysocks shop

Sword: Elven Leaf Sword from Heart Song

Accessories: Chest strap, collar and bag from Wayan Adventurer outfit by JTL Designs

Photographed at Amethyst Isle and Double M Winter Display

All items and links are Inworldz