Everywhere I go, I see winter themes. I see themes for holidays unfamiliar to me that I do not celebrate. This is fine for those people that know it, but I do not.

I come from a different part of the world to many people – I live at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, here –

I Can't Do This Anymore..

It’s summer here in New Zealand, or almost. Yesterday was a balmy 28 degrees celsius. In 5 weeks time, I am moving back here –

I Can't Do This Anymore..

In this place I will enjoy scorching 38+ degrees celsius at high summer. There will be NO SNOW at Christmas. My family and I will gather for a picnic by the lake when the day cools down, for our Christmas dinner.

So, I cannot blog wintery clothes and wintery things. I’ve just come OUT of winter, and I have so been looking forward to summer. It is too depressing to venture back into a winter frame of mind so soon. New rule for me: Blog summer Stuff. So here we go

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Gorgeous littler summer dress from Durga Designs, teamed with Samars shoes from Adam n Eve, Candy Hair from Emo-tions, steam punk goggles (raised) from Brain Circuit (part of another outfit shown further down)

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Left, Steampunk Dolly outfit from Brain Circuit, and Bohemian in ivory from Snowpaw Designs

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Two flavours of Sundress from Mwah

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Left, Kitty vest from Adam n Eve, Ruffle Skirt from Fake, right – Cocktail dress from LMC

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Group gift dress from Calla, comes with a number of variations

I Just Can't Do This Anymore..

Lady Azure from Alafolie


Stores mentioned above:-

Adam n Eve


Brain Circuit

Snowpaw Designs

Durga Designs






Black Shoes: Samara from Adam n Eve

Blue shoes – part of outfit from Alafolie


Red hair from Adam n Eve

Emo-tions hair

Deviant Designs (updo in black)

As ever, my skin is from Rouge series from Pulse

Edit: Forgot to add, all of these are available Inworldz, and all links refer to that VW