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My recent blog posts have focused upon the content of Inworldz, including an interview with one of the Founders, Elenia Llewellyn .

Today, I want to show you some advantages to moving your business into this exciting environment

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Typical Mall enviornment

– extended market to what you already have in SL

– easier to convert currency – 500 I’s = $US1

Free (yes, free) uploads

– 50 groups permitted

– sim cost of $US75 set up initially and $US75/m tier

– very cheap store rentals, I have seen starting prices as low as 100I’z per week

– 35,000 prims on the sim

– a client base well aware of the possibilities of designs, and with fashion taste already honed

– ability to buy/sell currency via Paypal

– a new physics engine due on January 2011 – Nvidia PhysX

– active user forums

– very approachable founders often seen in world and ready for a chat

– enormous potential for growth

– tattoo, alpha layers using Imprudence viewer

– your choice of avatar name

– the potential to do it right this time, having already learned by trial and error

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

A new mall established in the past view days

Additionally, you will find

– an Active Arts community

– regular music events

– a diverse range of groups

– readily available help

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Mini Mall

I hope also that in the very near future we will have a feed set up for Inworldz blogs. More to come on this!

This is your opportunity to be part of a rapidly developing virtual environment. Free uploads allow you to keep your overheads lower with opportunity for scaled pricing and increased sales. Your presence in IW will increase registrations thereby increasing your customer numbers. Already a significant number of SL designers have made the leap to Inworldz.

An Open Letter to Creators & Designers

Create your InworldZ account here

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