Playing around with lighting and effects produced what i think are some interesting photos. I’m well aware that I do not have the technical skill or experience to produce some of the beautifully executed photographs I see on the feeds and elsewhere, but I have tried to create a style of my own.

Doll Dancer

May be a little harsh, but I think it captured a mood

Doll Dancer

This skirt has got to be the best tulle skirt on the grid – from the ever-so-talented Nylon Pinkney

Doll Dancer

My 3 Way Enginner boots from J’s still pass muster

Doll Dancer


Skirt – ballerina skirt from Nylon

Bodice – part of dress from The White Armory

Boots – 3 way engineer boots from J’s

Necklace – new release from the most under-exposed jewellery maker on the grid – Dark Mouse

Hair – Saddie from Dernier Cri

Skin – Valentina series from amazing talent of Fade Lei of Ugly Duck