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*Wanted for questioning on SWF activities*

Keep your eyes open, and look out for this avatar – last seen in the snapshots captured here:

Last Seen..

Seen lurking around the Metro Club

Last Seen..

A shot from a securitycam, about 4am SLT

Last Seen..

Closer view of the suspect.

Last Seen..

The premises where the suspect was last seen


Dress: Reale


Jewellery: Dark Mouse

Skin: Ugly Duck

Photographed at Dirty Cute

Playing around with lighting and effects produced what i think are some interesting photos. I’m well aware that I do not have the technical skill or experience to produce some of the beautifully executed photographs I see on the feeds and elsewhere, but I have tried to create a style of my own.

Doll Dancer

May be a little harsh, but I think it captured a mood

Doll Dancer

This skirt has got to be the best tulle skirt on the grid – from the ever-so-talented Nylon Pinkney

Doll Dancer

My 3 Way Enginner boots from J’s still pass muster

Doll Dancer


Skirt – ballerina skirt from Nylon

Bodice – part of dress from The White Armory

Boots – 3 way engineer boots from J’s

Necklace – new release from the most under-exposed jewellery maker on the grid – Dark Mouse

Hair – Saddie from Dernier Cri

Skin – Valentina series from amazing talent of Fade Lei of Ugly Duck


This morning upon waking, before any attempt to log in to Secondlife, I checked my email. To my amazement I found this email (twice – to make sure I got it at least once I suppose):-

Your Second Life Account Has Been Terminated



This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated
your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe
or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service
or Community Standards. Your (account name ‘Arabella
Steadham’) and alternate Second Life accounts have been
made permanently inaccessible.

Appeal Process: The decision to terminate your Second Life
access was reached after investigation of your use of the
Second Life software and service. If you would like to
appeal your termination, you may contact Second Life
Support, by opening a new support ticket with a subject of
“abuse appeal,” or in writing, at the address below:

Second Life Support
Linden Lab
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Please provide relevant information that you believe would
explain the above violation. Linden Lab reserves sole
discretion in considering whether to take any action on a
written appeal.


Customer Support
Linden Lab

Now, this is nonsensical. Lindenlab is very well aware from their own logs that I have never breached any TOS. They are also aware that I did not attempt to log in with a blacklisted viewer, as the email was sent to me prior to even attempting to log in. What did I do to warrant this?

Perhaps it was yesterday’s post. Perhaps because I called them out on their irrational behavior in recent weeks. Perhaps because Linden Lab wants to ‘teach me a lesson’?

So, I proceed to follow the instructions to lodge an appeal, only to find I cannot log into the website to lodge said appeal. I can only log in as ‘guest’ and select from a pathetic list. I fill out the proforma, and receive this:-

A new case has been created

Type: Web Login Issues
Status: New

To comment on this case, either Reply to this email, or visit:

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into with this Avatar: )

But I cannot log in to view the case.

Not only have I been account banned (including an alternate account I made 3 years ago) but it would appear the long finger of Lindenlab has reached out to NZ and banned my IP address as well. And appeal processes appear to be closed off.

I am stunned that Linden Lab has taken this approach. Living in a strongly westernised country and being a citizen of an even bigger one, like many of you I have enjoyed growing up and living in countries where rights are enshrined not only in our constitution but in our way of life. Freedom of speech and expression has long been an expectation and seen as a right of all citizens. To write a blog post – entirely out of the jurisdiction of lindenlab – and have the resultant effect of permanent banning is breathtakingly arrogant on the part of lindenlab. To deny this was the cause of my permanent banning would be a lie. Linden Lab is well aware I do not and have never breached any of the TOS, which indicates that rules are not there for any purpose but decoration.


I doubt my appeal will be successful, because true to form it has been done in a shoddy manner. I am not surprised.

So even though I have lodged this appeal, do I really want to be part of a virtual environment where lackeys of the Board of Directors hunt down those who dare to criticise? Do I want to participate in a world where users are abused by bullying standover tactics and unexplained termination of accounts? Linden Lab as a private company can create their own rules as they see fit, however to ignore at least some of the expectations we have of supposed rights if we operate by the rules- to shift the goalposts mid game – reduces their virtual world to nothing more than a game, a game where childish antics reign supreme in a desperate move to force conformity and mediocrity in an ever shrinking user base.

See you around the metaverse

Arabella Steadham

Rezz date: 23rd August 2006

Permaban date: 8th September 2010.

Reason: Thinking

Both Hair Fair 2010 and Designers United 4 have provided a rich and varied rang of products from some of our broad range of designers. Today, I mix The Stringer Mausoleum at Hair Fair 2010 with :::LiNe::: at DU4 for an interesting look

Marooned on Mars

I’m also wearing Chiffon skirt from SMS and Schmidt Boots from Eshi

Marooned on Mars

Yummy Robobambie hair with robots from TSM, earrings from Mandala

Marooned on Mars

How to get off this planet?

Marooned on Mars

Bodysuit detail

Marooned on Mars

A zen moment


Hair: Robobambie from The Stringer Mausoleum at Hair Fair 2010

Bodysuit: Amyp in black by :::LiNe::: at DU4

Skirt: Chiffon skirt from SMS

Boots: Schmidt boots by Eshi

Jewellery: necklace and earrings from Mandala

Poses: Del May

Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Photographed on Mars

Continuing my reviews of both Designers United 4 and Hair Fair 2010, today I have combined the Narcissus dress by Sugarcube at DU 4 with CxC from BC322 at Hair Fair 2010


This look is just heavenly, photographed at Alirium


Front view


Back view


Skin by Ugly Duck



Dress: Narcissus by Sugarcube at DU 4

Hair: BC322 at Hair Fair 2010

Skin: Valentina from Ugly Duck

Poses: Del May

Necklace: Doppelganger at DU4

Photographed at Alirium

Vitabela Dubrovna is participating in Designers United 4, with her dress ‘I Love Yellow Me’

Vita's Joy

This dress come in short and couture length

Vita's Joy

Teamed with new hair from Dernier Cri for Hair Fair 2010, Saddie

Vita's Joy

Background from Scribble, flowers also by Boudoir
Vita's Joy

Jewellery by Dark Mouse

Vita's Joy


Dress: I Love Yellow Me by Boudoir at Designers United 4

Shoes: Ribbon Slingback by G Field

Hair: Saddie by Dernier Cri at Hair Fair 2010

Flowers from Boudoir at Designers United 4

Background: Scribble at Designers United 4

Skin: Valentina by Ugly Duck

Poses: All poses from Del May

Jewellery: Dark Mouse

Today is a day to put doom and gloom, sadness and woe, misery and catastrophe, behind me.

Sunshine Follows Me

Wearing the beautiful Narcissus dress by Tram at Designers United 4, you can’t help feeling the world is a great place after all

Sunshine Follows Me

The dress, collar and head piece are included

Sunshine Follows Me

Dress detail

Sunshine Follows Me

Hair piece detail


Dress: Narcissus by Tram at Designers United 4

Umbrellas: both umbrellas shown by Weather Or Not

Shoes: c.edo by Truth

Skin: Valentina Opheliac by Ugly Duck

Poses: all poses by Del May

Hair: Kira by Dernier Cri at Hair Fair 2010

Big events opened this weekend, including Hair Fair 2010 and Designers United 4 – Narcissus. . I’ve combined a few things to make a Serenade on Mars

Serenade on Mars

Beautiful Narcissus dress from mijn.t. This dress has multiple optons included

Serenade on Mars

Accessorised with frilled socks, Hair piece and narcissus flowered chest piece. Shoes are c.edo by Truth
Serenade on Mars

Emmie Hair from Amacci at Hair Fair 2010


Dress: Narcissus from mijn.t at Designers United 4 – Narcissus.

Hair: Emmie by Amacci at Hair Fair 2010

Skin: Valentine Opheliac by Ugly Duck

Shoes: c.edo by Truth

Poses: All poses by Del May

Eshi has released some rather wonderful new hair. True to form, this release, ‘Scorpion girl’ is not your run of the mill ‘bangs-with-pony’ …

The Scorpion Girl

Teamed here with the gorgeous dress – Narcissus – from [The Plastik.] @ Designers United 4

The Scorpion Girl

Lots of colours to choose from

The Scorpion Girl

The Scorpion Girl

The Scorpion Girl



Eshi’s boundless creativity is a hallmark of what makes her one of Second Life’s legendary fashion icons. Now, it’s time to show Eshi your imagination at work!

In this contest, you will need to create, model, and photograph a brand new Eshi design, using parts from at least 3 existing Eshi designs. Sound tough? It is….

Here’s the rules:
1) One entry per person only!
2) Your mix’n’match design must consist of no less than 3 Eshi Otawara outfits.
3) Your Mix’n’Match ensemble must include at least TWO outfits from the 2010 collection (located to the LEFT of the entrance of Eshi Otawara Store) and any number of 2008 collection outfits (located to the RIGHT of the entrance of Eshi Otawara Store).
4) You may NOT use any of the limited releases from Eshi Otawara dress line.
5) You must post your image to Flickr “Eshi <3" group, titled with "Eshi Mix'n'Match Contest + Your Name" (url:
6) Your image needs to be at least 1024×1024 pixels in size.

No one loves a work of art like the artist, so the challenge is to see who can deconstruct and re-arrange their favorite Eshi designs to create a unique look. You are welcome to resize the attachments, change attachment points and tint them another color – to give you a few ideas of how to approach this challenge.

Top 5 chosen designers will be announced under their submissions in the Eshi<3 Flickr group on Friday 1st October as well as in person via IM.
The official end of this contest is Sunday, October 3rd at 1 PM SLT when the top 5 chosen designs will be invited to participate in a mini catwalk followed by a live music performance of Craig Lyons. The winner announcement will be made at the end of the event!
The lucky winner will get a custom one of a kind colored outfit from any existing outfits at the store and the winning design will be made into a new release with the winner's name on it as a co-designer. The winning image will be used to represent Eshi Otawara brand in Craig Lyons' soon to be released fan magazine as well as be displayed at Eshi's store for a month after the contest.

Have fun and good luck!


Hair Scorpion Girl from Eshi Otawara

Skin: Valentina Opheliac from Ugly Duck

Dress: Narcissus from Plastik at Designers United 4

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