[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

There’s been a number of activities in recent days to fill you in on. Some very positive, some a little sad.

* A short time ago, I wrote about the departure of an Emerald Dev here, and assured all readers that Emerald would continue to provide you the user with the best possible viewer we could make.

Overnight, another dev has decided to leave the team. This was because of his dissatisfaction with the consensus of the majority of the team, and his inability to accept that consensus. Unfortunately, he did this in a way to deliberately try to bring the Team’s reputation into disrepute, by posting private conversations and drawing incorrect conclusions.
You can be assured that Emerald will maintain it’s high standard of integrity, honesty and ethics that have contributed to it’s development thus far. Alas, part of being a success is having detractors, however we wish him well on his next legitimate venture.

* The good news is, a new beta version will be available to download very soon. Please be assured the Emerald Team is alive and thriving, and will continue in this way.

* Emerald will be appearing on Treet.TV on 22nd August. Stay tuned for more info!

* The Emerald Team is excited at the prospect of a new high profile developer joining us. More details to come!

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