[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

Today, an odd message appeared on the emerald log in screen, thus:-

MOTD: We are now going to force a release that doesn’t work upon everyone. Enjoy being naked.

This is inaccurate and disruptive, and simply reflects the mood of a former dev on the team. This dev has now left, and the message removed.

As with any team, the Emerald dev team consists of a wide range of very diverse people. All are dedicated to seeing the best viewer possible presented to you, the user. Once in a while, team members leave for a range of reasons. It is rare for a tantrum to accompany their departure, however there is as you can see, a first time for everything.

A pleasant consequence of this is the return of a key member of the team, so you may look forward to a vibrant, productive and creative team once again.

A new Release Candidate will be available very soon, likely tomorrow SL Monday. Please be assured the Emerald Team is alive and thriving, and will continue in this way.

More information about the Emerald viewer can be found at The Emerald Blog