SL7B opens today amid controversy. A highly regarded SL artist has been banned for exhibiting children’s toys (barbie dolls) in her build as described on Joonie’s blog, Toxic Menges has resigned the day before opening (another highly regarded resident) and the rating of PG has been redefined to be suitable only for a 7 year old to repeat at school! With regard to this last, my question would be, why is a 7 year old allowed access to SL at all??? Oh, and as recently as this morning, the DCS2 build has withdrawn due to late arguments over pre approved content.

Enough of those controversial issues.

The Emerald Team has managed to acquire, build and present to you a display, “Emerald Your World”.

Emerald @ SL7B

The theme for SL7B is Unexpected Collaborations, and the entire concept of Emerald fits the bill perfectly. The success of Emerald viewer, by far the most successful third party viewer today, has been largely due to not only the collaborative work of a hugely diverse group of developers scattered across the planet, but also a collaboration through overwhelming support from you, the user. For this, we thank you!


“Unexpected Collaborations”

Please come along and visit here. You can download the latest emerald release, get some info about support, the dev team and Emerald itself. You can also view photographs of our current team!



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