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“They say misery loves company
We could start a company
And make misery, Frustrated Incorporated”

Winter is making itself felt in my part of the world. If you don’t know the country in which I live, please feel free to IM me in world 🙂

Sometimes I think that misery comes to haunt me each winter because I’m jinxed. So, this year i am determined to banish all sorts of misery from both my physical and virtual lives.

Misery Loves Company

So, I’m surrounding myself with brilliant colours, wonderful people, innovative projects. This dress from JE Republic is a good start

Misery Loves Company

A trip to Shade Throne to see the talent of Undo Hermano did wonders in lifting me from a miserable state of mind

Misery Loves Company

Perfect for edgy, quirky and innovative design of sunglasses and jewellery

Misery Loves Company

My next stop was right next door to Shade Throne in the Judith sim, JE Republic. A perfect dress, Danse Macabre in purple, and for mix and match I am wearing the glitter bodysuit in red. I have mixed this with Chiffon skirt from SMS

Misery Loves Company

And! Today’s Wonder Find, new release shoes from Zaara : Ilaida Mojri – I chose a small pack to mic with my favourite colours. These are just precious, beautifully made and textured

Misery Loves Company


Dress: Danse Macabre from JE Republic

Suit: Glitter suit in red from JE Republic

Skirt: Chiffon skirt from SMS

Sunglasses: all sunglasses from Shade Throne

Jewellery: all jewellery from Shade Throne

Shoes: from Zaara

Hair: Style 20 from W&Y

Skin: My beautiful skin is Milk 2 from Ugly Duck by the extraordinarily talented Fade Lei. She is also a *most* beautiful person too.

Poses: All poses from the delightfully imaginative Del May

Lyrics: Soul Asylum – Misery

Put me out of my misery
Suicide kings and drama queens
Forever after happily making misery

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