Change of seasons, time to change image, at least slightly.

This time I purchased an off the shelf shape from Vliet. I was attaracted to this shaper because the shapes have real looking faces and are not all cartoony eyes and mouths. Having said that, I did my own personalised changes to the shoulder breadth and breast gravity, as I prefer them not pointing at my face, but to have a little natural sag. Gravity works you know!

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I’ve deliberately left the eyelashes off, and a simpler style of makeup to show the features of the shape face

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I really abhor over stuffed breasts that I see so often, and especially the ill fitting shaders to pretend there is no gravity (breast enhancers). Most breast enhancers look more like a bum poking out the top of the dress, quite silly really. My new shape has naturally sized breasts, smallish but shapely

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Really nice movement too. No clunky body parts drifting, legs proportionate to the body

Sunny Sunday Afternoon


Ivi by Vliet

Skin: Laura Rose by Ugly Duck

Hair: Cody by Buried

Boots: Lucille from Hoorenbeek

Pants: Leather pants from Deviance

Shirt: Knot shirt from Baiastice – follow tp to anniversary store

Jewellery: All jewellery and belt from Mandala

Poses by Del May and Amacci