There’s something alluring about the image of a strong woman in uniform, and to fill your needs, Woodbury University (RL info here) is offering this selection of elegant attire:

Women In Uniform

Dazzling white for the pure ones

and againWomen In Uniform

Women In Uniform

For those of us ‘a little bit red’

Women In Uniform

Or, if you prefer, the full on hard core look

Women In Uniform

Close up of the great work by Disembodied Hand

All uniforms come with pants as an option, and good stomping boots. I have also shown you my Presitge Boots by Bax Coen.


If you want these uniforms, they are FREE, but do not go to Woodbury in world. Instead, you must IM Tizzy Teardrop, who will pass the packages to you. You can also find Tizzy at


All clothing available from Tizzy Teardrop or

My boots: Prestige by Bax Coen

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: Play It Again Sam by Clawtooth

Poses: Style Warrior from A Fine Line


Due to unforseen circumstances, these items are no longer available from Tizzy Teardrop. However, you can message me in world only please, and i can send to you