Trilogy:Shelter has re-themed to a 1940s experience, and what would that be without the seamier side?
&Bean has created 3 outfits for this, that I have affectionately called the VD Sisters:

Introducing the VD Sisters

This is Gonnie

Introducing the VD Sisters

Gonnie sans jacket

Introducing the VD Sisterssters” />

And Chlammie

Introducing the VD Sisters

Chlammie with bloomers

And that leaves Syphie – well, she is MIA. BUT I think you will find her lurking in the &Bean store at Trilogy!


All clothing from &Bean at Trilogy:Shelter

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: Fearne by Truth

Poses: Adorkable

Anhd if you are wondering about that poster behind me in the photos, here it is:

Introducing the VD Sisters

Remember, if a ‘friend’ gives you a box of goodies that are full perm, chances are its stolen. Report to the creators and AR!