More goodies to show you from Pose Fair 2010! 99 stores to choose from, so much to see and try. Remember, wear low lag to make your experience and that of others so much more enjoyable.

Pose Fair 2010

I’m wearing today a selection of clothing from the delectable Radio Signals of Scribble, to show you how easy it is to go non prim and remain stylish. I’m also wearing the Mime skin from Ugly Duck (also available at Pose Fair 2010) and hair from the newly released selection from the Library in your inventory. Great finds there!

Miamai Coco

New from Miamai, the Coco range

Miamai Coco

And below, from Posemaster



Credits as shown throughout. All poses available from Pose Fair 2010

Myface Pose Phone from RC Cluster at the Fair!

Miamai Coco