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Zaara has released beautiful clothing, available as singles, mini packs or fat packs. Each piece is colour coordinated to mix with the other new releases. I have played with the colours, as you can see…

Romance of India

Jewellery from Zaara, hair from Maitreya

Romance of India

Showing a mix of Syona kurta (shirt) and Churidar (pants)

Romance of India

With the addition of the Tanya Dupatta (scarf)

Romance of India

Perfectly paired with Shoelace shoes from Surf Co.

Romance of India

New hair, Sarah from Jade

Romance of India


All clothing from Zaara

Skin: Sophir from Ugly Duck

Short Hair: Sarah from Jade

Long Hair: Nimue from Maitreya

Shoes: Shoelace shoes from Surf Co.

Jewellery from Zaara

Poses: Del May


Today in my part of the world, it is ANZAC Day. Every year this falls on the same day, 25th April.

This Day of Remembrance is held by Australians and New Zealanders alike, and as an Australian living in New Zealand, I cannot help but feel blessed to be to be a part of our world and part of two cultures united by history.

This Day commemmorates those members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought so long ago and so far from home at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. In more recent years, it also honours service men and women who died and served for their country. This is a rare instance of two sovereign countries not only sharing the same remembrance day, but making reference to both countries in its name.

This day holds great significance in both countries, and is marked historically as the ‘coming of age’ of both Australia and New Zealand all those years ago. Everywhere around the world where Australians or New Zealanders gather, you will find a commemmoration held today. Indeed, many villages and towns across Europe also remember our ANZACS for the selfless service during 2 World Wars.

At the Kemal Atatürk Memorial, ANZAC Parade, Canberra you will find this inscription, written by Kemnal Atatürk, the first President of modern Turkey in 1934, as tribute to the ANZACs killed at Gallipoli:

“Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives… You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side now here in this country of ours… you, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land, They have become our sons as well.”


Today’s ANZAC Day Dawn Service in my home town is shown in the video link here

Chasing 50 linden friday offerings this week, my attention was drawn to this yummy dress from Kyoot, so I snapped it up in a few colours:


Low Back Ruffle Mini dress


A few more happy snaps because I really, really like this dress


and one more…


This is to show you my yummy lashes from Glow Studio – theres actually two pair being worn at once here


Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: Olivia by I Love Olive

Dress: Low Back Ruffle Mini dress in Amour from Kyoot

Lashes: From the Rhapsody series, Glow and Paint Splash from Glow Studios

Necklace: Chains by Boom

Shoes: Shoelace Sandals by Surf Co.

Pink and red do go together, and here’s the proof!

A&A Fashion

New hair from Exile, earrings and dress from A & A Fashion (I tinted the earrings)

A&A Fashion

Moves beautifully as well, using poses from A Fine Line

A&A Fashion

Showing earrings in original state


Skin: Laura from Ugly Duck

Hair: Shirelle in Garnet, new from Exile

Earrings: Diamond Square earrings from A & A Fashion

Bracelet: !Rocks! from A & A Fashion

Dress: Flo Red Pearl from A & A Fashion

Shoes: Silvera from DeLa

Specs: Fancy Diamonds shades from Glow Studios

Poses: A Fine Line

Short and sweet, new hair from Maitreya which I just love!

Nimue from Maitreya

Clear natural blonde hair thrills me 😀

Nimue from Maitreya

And a good natural swishy ponytail too

Also shown wearing the specs I got at The Dressing Room today from Glow Studios – these come in night and day versions, a bargain!


Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: Nimue new from Maitreya

Specs: Shutter shades in night from Glow Studios at The Dressing Room


If you build, create, purchase or wear anything that contains scripts, you need the Rescale, a single-script tool for customizing no-modify attachments and other objects through menus.

Why one script?
Because of the new scripting tools in simulator 1.38, there is now a DRASTIC REDUCTION IN RESIZE TIME!
The entire goal of Rescale is to cut down on the amount of scripts that must be worn per attachment, thus preventing lag.
For very primmy objects, for example more than 128 prims, the simple method would be to keep a script in each prim.
This means 128 or more scripts just to resize such an object, which means 2MB or more of simulator memory will be in use (A LOT for one object).
Having several such objects worn or rezzed piles on yet more memory usage.
Not only does this degrade sim performance in general, it is particularly destructive during teleports.
Teleports must transfer each script’s state to another sim, and transferring all those scripts causes a large delay in some cases.
This delay is extremely noticeable, and often painfully so.
Avatars wearing hundreds of scripts can cause a sim to hang for even as much as 10 seconds when they teleport in or out of the sim.
To avoid all of this, Rescale can replace hundreds of resize scripts by having one per whole object rather than one per prim.
In other words, there is now absolutely no reason to accept anything but the best of both worlds.
The solution is finally here — no sim lag, and no minutes-long waits for resizes.

Resize a whole object
Resize a single prim on all axes at once, or in a single dimension
Move individual prims
Restore the whole object to its original state
Restore individual prims to their original state
Coordinate multiple, separate objects to resize or restore all prims simultaneously
One script
Highly reliable
Extremely sim-friendly
Free support and updates for life

You can get this in world here

and on marketplace here

In recent days following the disappearance of Woodbury’s sims, the decimation of the group and permabanning of estate owners, rumours have gained ground, simply by repeating false information. for example:

[16:59] Prokofy Neva: So, how did that work jcool, you found some dirt on the Woodburies and blew it in to the Lindens, or you made some crime of your own stick on them, or what was the deal exactly?

or this:

[2010/04/20 18:53] Anon Cocks: jcool
[2010/04/20 18:53] Anon Cocks: we were telling everyone that he was being allowed to evade bans and use a viewer that gives him powers even lindens don’t have
[2010/04/20 18:54] Anon Cocks: he has an exploit that can delete the entire asset server database
[2010/04/20 18:54] Anon Cocks: he has people on standby to use it if he disappears from being arrested
[2010/04/20 18:55] Anon Cocks: there’s no legally actionable proof
[2010/04/20 18:55] Anon Cocks: but he convinced someone at LL he has it

This of course is all nonsense: the true reason Woodbury has been eliminated is due to the groups own selfish greed, disregard for others, contempt for basic content theft law, a belief in their own ability as ‘really cool people’, and of course, proof of distribution of a viewer capable of wholesale theft of almost anything. Oh, at a cost of between 30000 and 50000 linden. Proof in the photo below.

This is the advertising photograph used to sell SLPE (Theft viewer) – note the capabilities it shows…oh by the way, that is a Woodbury Estate Manager Estate Owner posing in the photo, on woodbury premises

This Is Why Woodbury Were Banned

You may need to click the photo to get a clearer view

This group of people actively sold this viewer to facilitate theft on the broadest possible scale across the grid; a viewer developed by another former resident, now long banned (Day Oh). Probably quite a number of the woodbury group members were not ‘in the know’ about this, so their accounts have survived the cull.

Any and all that were involved in this, have been banned. You can see a self confessed list here

Of course there were other reasons too, for example stolen content distrbuted quite blatantly throughout woodbury group notices, and open and frank boasting of illegal plans. This is an excerpt of a woodbury conversation, with regards to CDS (Client Detection System):

[1:07:57 PM] Tizzy says:
[1:08:16 PM] Tizzy says: The idea of “appealing” to a bunch of cock loving furfaggots makes me ill.
[1:08:36 PM] Killua the Grouch says: (nod)
[1:13:37 PM] katiem1066 says: hai tizz 🙂
[1:14:27 PM] Tizzy says: CDS is just another “unmanned racism” machine as the PN once called Banlink. It’s a powermove to control the grid while getting a wink and nod from Linden Lab. I will personally give the person that takes down CDS permanently a full sim and a year of tier.
[1:14:38 PM] Tizzy says: (wave)
[1:20:34 PM] Tizzy says: This situation will just snowball until a good percentage of the grid is completely inaccessible by those using any other client besides Emerald / Gemini / LL Official.
[1:21:16 PM] Trip says: the percentage of the grid that full of fail anyway
[1:21:26 PM] Tizzy says: And in that regard, Prokofy is correct when she says “Open source is a closed society.”
[2:32:16 PM] At0m0 says: we placed 3rd
[2:32:28 PM] katiem1066 says: congrats
[2:33:16 PM] At0m0 says: ash qin is that furfaggot who ran the IRC relays
[2:33:19 PM] At0m0 says: which in turned
[2:33:22 PM] At0m0 says: turn*
[2:33:30 PM] At0m0 says: used them to spy on people on irc and in SL
[2:33:43 PM] katiem1066 says: yes, we are aware they are horrible people

Note the bolded type. You know what….promising reward for destruction of other people’s property is not a good thing to do, its illegal, even in a virtual environment. What you see above is the plaintive wailings and dire threats of thieves caught out.

Whether you agree or disagree with the concept CDS (Client Detection System).does not warrant a threat to destroy it. The only place I have heard complaints is from people caught by CDS and now have their shopping/RP/roaming activities severely curtailed. Creators and store owners love it. It reduces their theft levels significantly.

If you have the SLPE viewer on your machine, delete it now. If you have friends using it, suggest they stop, or they could have a similar fate to Woodbury. Do not purchase it if offered, or do so at your own risk of losing your SL account.

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

Emerald is, as of today, formally accepted into the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer directory. According to Linden Lab:-

“The Third-Party Viewer Directory
To be listed in the Viewer Directory, a software developer must self-certify that it complies with Linden Lab policies. Beware of third-party viewers that are not in the Viewer Directory – they have either declined to self-certify or been refused for noncompliance with our policies”

So, use the Emerald Viewer with absolute confidence.

More info here

Modular Systems here

Download Compliant 3rd party Emerald viewer here

Some time today, according to Tizzy Teardrop:

“Linden Lab decided it would be a good idea to completely wipe everything Woodbury related from the grid this morning including our group, all of our sims, and all of our upper management.”

rip woodbury

These are the Woodbury University sims, shown as offline. My understanding is that the group has also been disbanded and many accounts perma banned.

Further info here

Uniform issues, please direct to me

[Emerald] 1626 Release Candidate

“According to Linden Lab’s policy here
On the 30th of April you will not be allowed to connect to the SL grid unless you use a TPVP complaint viewer.
You must download and use Emerald version 1634, please install it from here
Use of version 1634 puts your viewer in complete compliance with the TOS and the TPVP, so you can continue to enjoy Emerald far into the future.”

Download of new compliant viewer is available here

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