It is that time of year, the RFL Clothing Fair comes around again. This year however, for me it is different.

This is the first time I have attended in any capacity other than shopper. Since commencing my blog in May last year, I have found the world of designers, creators, builders, bloggers and the vast community these groups of people encompass. It has been a wild ride, but definitely worth it!

Relay For Life raises funds for the American Cancer Society, an organisation constantly researching for a cure for the numerous forms of cancer. This insidious disease has effected so many of us – there are few people alive today that can say they have never known anyone to suffer some form of cancer. For myself, this disease effected myself and family with the death of my husband at the young age of 34, from an especially vicious form of cancer that remains incurable still.

I live in a tiny country with only 4 million population. New Zealand has a very small pool of people from which to entice charity dollars, so why do I donate my hard earned cash to an American charity? Because, research done by the American Cancer Society benefits so many people around the world – I know that doctors and researchers from New Zealand travel to the US for training, research, learning new skills, developing techniques, and offering the results of their own research. And then they bring this knowledge home. The same happens in very many countries.

So, I can only encourage you too to attend the RFL CLothing Fair and spend or donate generously. Come and join the spirited community that has developed, and enrich us with yourself!

In honour of my birth country, I am making my first post from stores on the Melbourne sim. It is truly beautifully developed and built, and makes me just a wee bit homesick….

Relay For Life # 1


Once store that I found particularly intriguing is Lost Dreams in the Melbourne sim. Here, Estelle Parnall has on display a number of especially Australian themed outfits. These are whimsical and fun, and beautifully made

Relay For Life # 1

The infamous hotpants outfit worn by Our Kylie

Relay For Life # 1

Gumnut Fairy, Cockatoo gown and Dandelion Fairy, all significant Australian National Icons

Relay For Life # 1

Luscious dotty bathers

Relay For Life # 1

Lost Dreams at Relay For Life, Melbourne sim

Relay For Life #1

Credits: All clothing from Lost Dreams, but please do go to the store on Melbourne sim

Skin: Laura by Ugly Duck

Hair: Maddy by Truth