Melt. An installation on thin ice.


Mourning Dress by Lark

This project is a study of translations. I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability. Extinction.

~ Radio Signals~


Miel Tary Polar by Miel


Arctic Suit (unzipped) by RunoRuno


Ethyline for Melt 2010 by Pig


Art Tee from TIAF (artwork from Radio Signals) and Beorn Polar Tartan Kilt by Schadenfreude


Consequences for Melt by Lark


Mister Bear necklace from Vermillion and Ice & Snow earrings from Magic Nook


All skins from Ugly Duck

Short hair from Grittyy Kitty

Other hair from Clawtooth

Creators busionesses have been listed above. all these can be found at ‘Melt. An installation on thin ice.’

This art event is open March 6 – March 21. you don’t want to miss it.


This satellite image shows the Mertz Glacier, the two rifts and the massive iceberg which hit the glacier, breaking off the iceberg. (Australian Antarctic Division) About 3 weeks ago.

With an area of more than 2,500 square kilometres, the iceberg holds enough fresh water to supply all of the earth’s human needs for a year. It broke off the Mertz Tongue Glacier two weeks ago. It is in an area of the Antarctic with extremely cold, salty water, which drives global ocean circulation.