Or, all You Wanted To Know About Malicious Viewers

The Onyx Project exists to educate those people who care to know, of known malicious third party viewers that either have been, or are being used on a daily basis within the Secondlife environment. I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge – it is up to you the reader to determine what you can do with it. Please be aware that when these viewers are detected in world, the users are banned by CDS owners and often finish up with accounts terminated by Lindenlab. Please do not use this list as a reference to ‘try out’ a malicious viewer – this is not the intention of this post.

To this end, a comprehensive list has been compiled to show you the commonly used name of these viewers and their various capabilities. To quote the project developers:

Various recent events have stirred up yet another storm of misinformation and rumor about certain third party viewers; this has once again brought to light the fact that most people know little about most of the harmful viewers in circulation; the viewers that violate licensing agreements to stay closed source, the ones equipped with content theft tools and weapons designed to intentionally crash other viewers and sims, or otherwise ruin Second Life for others. These viewers generally remain private, closely guarded and shared either with close friends or for a significant fee, the reason being that exploits are quickly identified and neutralized when released in a public manner.
The result of this is that nobody can be sure of the capabilities of these viewers, information posted on blogs and forums is woefully inaccurate at the best of times, and even more often misinformation spread by those who want the public to remain in the dark. We spent a long time discussing this, and we’ve come to the conclusion that sharing the information that we’ve gathered and independently confirmed about these viewers is the right decision, as it will give people the answers they need to make informed decisions on how to protect their content.
This is why we have chosen to make public the Onyx project here at Modular Systems.

Further reading can be found at Modular Systems

or go directly to The List . I suggest you bookmark it to check back on updates.