These past few days have seen hot summer days and balmy nights, hovering around 30 Celsius during the day and as low as 16 celsius overnight. I’ve enjoyed a few evening dinners on the terrace of my RL friend’s restaurant, something I’m sure those people in the northern hemisphere are quite looking forward to!

In this spirit, I am showing you today some of my favourites from Truth. Truth Hawks has made more than hair for as long as I remember, in fact I still have the first dress I bought quite some time ago. These latest dresses have the most beautiful sculpted skirts, and they reflect the work that goes into their creation. I’m sure you will enjoy wearing these dresses as much as I do 🙂


In sapphire


In silver


A closer view of the detail


Dresses: Martini by Truth

Necklace: Dango in silver by Shade Throne

Earrings: Bamboo in Silver by Shade Throne

Hair: Melanie by

Skin: Rachel by Ugly Duck

Shoes: Dianthus in silver by Ingenue