From Lindenlab….

Today, in addition to the Viewer 2 Beta, we are announcing the launch of the Third-Party Viewer Directory and the Third Party Viewer Policy governing third-party viewers in general. Last year, we announced these efforts in blog posts on Our Content Management Road Map and Upcoming Third-Party Viewer Policy. Since then we have collected a great deal of important feedback from Residents, merchants, and third-party developers alike, all of which has helped guide our development and decisions on the new Third-Party Viewer Directory and Policy.

The goals of the policy and program are to:

* Prevent Residents’ passwords from being stolen
* Protect Residents from griefing and other harmful conduct
* Guard against intellectual property infringement
* Preserve our ability to provide you with high-quality service
* Involve the community in evaluating third-party viewers
* Create a visible repository for alternative viewers with novel and interesting applications

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