An exciting new development has been released in the seemingly never ending battle that so many creators endure – theft, ripping, texture stealing, content theft – it has many names.

Client Detection System - CDS

[GEMINI Cybernetics] has released their latest development, the Client Detection System / CDS Ban Relay 1.9 / 1.

For creators, this device is a godsend – “The Gemini CDS detects all known viewers with copybot/griefing functionality without utilizing channel listeners, !quit spamming or other inferior techniques.”

[GEMINI Cybernetics] Client Detection System / CDS Ban Relay 1.9 / 1 month license is available here

For those SL users who have now, or at some time in the past, used an illicit viewer, the device is not such a good thing. At last! People will have to be responsible for the consequences of their own actions! Be aware that you may be banned if in the recent past you have been detected using one of the viewers – ‘griefer viewers’ that have been built explicitly for theft, even if you are not using it at the moment you are banned.

I have read many forums and chats today and seen many instances of ‘victims’ crying foul. It’s true, people can turn around from being a ripper and a thief, and be an upstanding SL citizen. Therefore, work is underway, as described by the Developer Skills Hak:

“We are currently discussing ways of giving people the ability to appeal a ban in case they have used one of the banned viewers “by accident” or however you want to call it.”

I’ve also seen popular rumours going the rounds, as rumours will, and developing a life of their own. To clarify some of these rumours, I spoke with the Emerald Dev team (those available at this ungodly hour) and have this statement…


“While we have been assured by Skills that Emerald will not be identified or banned by the system she has designed and implemented, and we have done our own tests and verified these claims. It would be best however to make it clear that Skills is doing this as an independent venture, and the Emerald team has no involvement or administration capability. We are unable to guarantee that the system is entirely accurate or works as advertised, although we hope that it does as listed.

We would like to remind people that only downloads from the official website are official, and downloads from any other source is not guaranteed to be what it claims to be. Please use some common sense when downloading third party viewers, and put a little research into what you obtain, run, and log in on. Just because it says “Emerald” on the download link does not make it Emerald.

The Emerald team will not back up or help dispute any claims for the ban system. It is not our system, and we are not involved. Do not come to us.

With that said.. I personally really appreciate how clever this system is. As I have seen it, it has the potential right now to really deal some damage to the bastards that make everyone look like shit. It is nothing like the scam systems you may find to stop copybots that just play off people’s fears, and at the moment, is extremely effective. As expected, this method will eventually be discovered and these copybot viewers will have protections placed against it. But at the time being, they are caught with their pants down, most of them believe they are completely undetectable and will lie and defend it as much as they think they can. I haven’t come across any malicious viewers that are immune to this system yet, and I hope it can stay that way as long as possible, and do as much good as possible. I have a personal issue with malicious viewers that steal and use my code to harm others, and happily enjoy any pain that is caused to them.”

LordGregGreg Back, Emerald Developer

Emerald 1585 Release