From a rugged field far away, i hear the gentle baaaaaaaing of sheep, calling me back to a place I know…

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

The two has become three! Empress & Hierophant has gained a sister sim, Inis Caiseal

I fly to the sheep, and land at their feet, hitting the ground running. They appear to be only slightly peeved

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

We talk and talk, about changes that have ocurred and those that are yet to come. We talk as the sun goes down and day changes to night. Quoting directly from the creators, I am told

“I want to share the direction I am going in my builds because I welcome feedback directly. In the future I plan on adding a country pub, alongside a historical castle which I will use as my retail storefront. I plan on specialising in prefabs and building in a rustic country manner. The pub will likely be called “Three Sheeps to the Wynd”. This is mainly because I love the sheep and want them to have a humourous presence on the sim as they have on Empress. Haggis is not served in the pub.

Alchemy and I also want to sponser celtic folk artists in the future in the pub and in the centre of the new standing stone ring on Inis Caiseal. We’re interested in traditional session style events. If you can play fiddle, tin whistle, bodhran, and/or sing traditional folk songs please contact AlchemyImmortalis Cyannis. That is our joint business account and by archiving business related notecards and IMs there, it helps us organise better. Thank you”

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I receive quite a lecture from the Grand Dame sheep because of my infrequent visits in recent times, however I promise this will change

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

she gently reminds me of the beauty here

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

There’s nothing quite like a remote cottage upon sunset

I Hear the Sheep Call My Name

I am forgiven by all the sheep concerned, and bid a fond farewell, with a promise to return soooon


Location: Empress & Hierophant , Inis Caiseal

Skirt: High waist skirt Bella from G Field

Blouse: Silky blouse Charlotte in Ivory from G Field

Hair: Hathair from Gritty Kitty

Jewellery: ) AI ( – “Ami amet deli pencet” French Brooch from Alchemy Immortalis

Boots: ROT Test boots from Gutterblood Spoonhammer