The I ❤ Originals Fair is brought to you by the Artist's Voice group, to celebrate and showcase the brilliant, original designers and residents who make Second Life so special.

*~*Originals Fair*~*

The I ❤ Originals Fair – February 8 – 14
Region: Ruthenium

Here is a sampling of the work of the designers participating:

*~*Originals Fair*~*

And more…

*~*Originals Fair*~*


If you can correctly guess the designer of each garment and accessory shown (excluding skin and hair), put your answer in a notecard, labelled like this:-

Photograph 1 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
Photograph 2 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc

and drop it to me in world – Arabella Steadham. The correct notecards will go into a draw and the first drawn will be awarded $2,000L! This will be drawn during the Fair, so get your thinking caps on. To help you, there is a list of designers participating in the Originals Fair here

We ❤ Bloggers Preview Day – Feb 6

If you are a blogger and would like to come to the preview day, fill out the following on a notecard and drop to Kat Alderson in world:

My avatar name is:

My blog's name is:

My blog's URL is:

I am the owner/editor of this blog: (yes or no)

I am returning this notecard to: Kat Alderson

You must get this done quickly as time is getting short.

Location to be announced very shortly. See you there!


My Hair: Barberyumyum* 16 by DP yumyum

My skin: Lucy Natural by Ugly Duck

Please note, my hair and skin are mine and are not included as part of this competition or Fair.