One of the particular thrills for me in this virtual environment, is the vast array of diversity we see in designers and their creations. Also, we as the consumers of these designs, make our own unique look by assembling various elements to create something different and fitting to our own desires of the day. During my almost 4 years in world, I have had the particular pleasure of meeting very many people – as an avid voice user I have enjoyed many conversations, admired many creations (even if not to my taste) and in the past 8 months or so have had the pleasure of putting together this little blog. I know from the feedback I get that there are many people who enjoy what I photograph, both creators and consumers, and this is a good thing.

So here we have a bargain buy, a dress for $50L from Style Starts Here

The Joy of Diversity

Lacy Print dress shown in two of the available colours. This dress can be found just near the TP point, just to the left as you walk in.

The Joy of Diversity

My beautiful jewellery is made by Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery. This set, Waltz of the Snowflakes, is exquisitely detailed and well worthy of your taking a trip to the store. My skin, from the Bella series, is from the amazingly talented Fade Lei of Ugly Duck

I hope we can all enjoy the richness of our virtual environment, and revel in the opportunities we have to see the creativity of others.


Dress: Lacy Print dress from Style Starts Here

Jewellery: Waltz of The Snowflakes from Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery

Hair: Dorothy from Fashionably Dead

Skin: Bella Painted from Ugly Duck

Shoes: Akamai in silver from R2

Poses: Miyoko Magic