This past few days after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, we have seen a flood of people scrambling to donate money to Red cross to alleviate the pain and terrible suffering they have seen in the media.

We, as residents of this amazing virtual world of Secondlife, have united to raise as much as we can for this cause. This follows the overwhelming support given to my fellow Australians just on a year ago, when my country suffered devastation due to unruly nature. I would encourage everyone to donate/purchase whatever they can.

It was with pleasure I received an announcement that Brutus Martinek from Pididdle has placed an item for sale at the area so kindly donated by Radio Signals to make buying easier. Radio and Barb have made a monumental effort with this particular fundraising event.

I won’t swamp you with the many, many other items available on the grid for this fundraiser, these have already been blogged beautifully by many other talented people. I will show you just this…

United We Stand

Soft Soul by Brutus Martinek

United We Stand

A tad laggy due to traffic, but happy lag

United We Stand

You can outfit yourself several times over, so come along and buy!


Shirt – Soft Soul by Brutus Martinek (Pididdle) for Red Cross Haiti Fundraiser

Earrings: Carnival from Kunstkammer for Red Cross Haiti Fund Raiser

Find out more about Virtual World Fundraising for Haiti here

P.S. – This just in – 75,000 linden away from $2 million linden raised!!!!

United We Stand