This past weekend was a great time for wandering lazily around stores, peeking into sales, meeting new people and playing UNA. I also managed to spend some time at Tableau, and here’s what I found:

Our Inner Ballerina

Inner Ballerina and Crochet lacey Jacket from Nylon Outfitters.

Our Inner Ballerina

The Found Charms necklace and the Rad glasses provided me with an interesting contrast, so I thought why not throw them together?

Our Inner Ballerina

So off I went, ballerina-twirling across the sandbox

Our Inner Ballerina


Dress: Inner Ballerina from Nylon Outfitters

Jacket: Crochet Lacey Jacket from Nylon Outfitters

Necklace: Found Charms necklace from Yummy Jewellery & Accessories

Specs: Totaly Rad Glasses from Yummy Jewellery & Accessories

Blonde hair: Nicole2 new from

Green hair: Amelia new from Exile

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

Stockings: Pia, gift from Michami

Boots: Layers boots from SEY