Fade Leis new male skins arrived at Ugly Duck today.

If you like your skins heavily photosourced, these are not for you. If you prefer your skins to reflect hours and hours of painstakingly hand drawn detail, these are for you. Take a look:

The New Man

Showing ‘Michael’ skin, with european shape

The New Man

Closer view of ‘Michael’ skin – top row is lighter brows, bottom row is darker brows and a variety of clean shaven, freckled, 5 o’clock shadow

The New Man

This is the ‘Gabriel’ skin. I have used an Asian shape for this. Top row again shows lighter brows, lower row is darker brows, both rows show a selection of the variety available.

The New Man

The torso has good shading definition without the appearance of a ‘roider. For more investigative examination of these skins, take a tp to Ugly Duck and try some demos!


Skins: Gabriel and Michael new releases from Ugly Duck

Hair: from the newly released ‘Abel’ style from Gritty Kitty

Clothing: All clothing from Aitui

Shoes: Superstars by Soreal

Pose:new from Del May, ‘Punk With Knife’