Nardya Rousselot has some new releaases at her store – dresses and shoes, all beautifully coordinated too 😀

New at Nardcotix

The Victoria dress, richly textured scarlet, perfectly offsets my Ugly Duck skin( number 8 from the Gacha)

New at Nardcotix

Split skirt permits the new release shoes to display – these are Rebekah pumps in Strawberry

New at Nardcotix

This is the best pixie style of hair I have seen yet

New at Nardcotix

Rebekah range of shoes available in various colours

New at Nardcotix

The exotic Andaluz dress complete with headdress


All clothing and shoes from Nardcotix

Skin: Ugly Duck Gacha No. 8

Hair: Nick (boy hair) from Uncleweb Studio

Jewellery: “Ami amet deli pencet” necklace and earrings from Alchemy Immortalis

Lashes: No Alpha lashes No.4 from Miamai