Post-Christmas, avoiding Boxing Day sales, exploring the Grid – that’s my theme for today!

Boxing Day Mixer

‘Now, where shall I go to first?’

Boxing Day Mixer

‘I found those stockings Tenshi was after, hope these are the right rose pattern’

Boxing Day Mixer

‘Now – was it that store or was it this store??’

Boxing Day Mixer

‘Righto, I’m off to the SL sales!’


Hair: Silky semi from Tekuteku

Shirt: I’ll be a Ghost from Whippet & Buck 50 L friday sale

Skirt: Larin skirt from Zaara

Stockings: Embroidered Rose from the amazing Shop Toshy

Boots: Digna boots from Kalnins Footwear

Jewllery: Twisted bangles in copper by Dark Mouse

Skin: Lucy by the Delightful Fade of Ugly Duck