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For those of you not too occupied with Christmas festivities, 50 Linden Friday has come around again, to entice us. Here is a selection:

50 Linden Fridays

Complete outfit from Kookie

50 Linden Fridays

Shirt from Milk Motion, skirt from SMS, hair from

50 Linden Fridays

Shirt from Whippet and Buck, jeans from Fishy Strawberry, hair from Clawtooth

50 Linden Fridays

Shirt and pants from Fishy Strawberry

50 Linden Fridays

Shirt and dress from This Is A Fawn, hair from Clawtooth

This week, the designers are:

1. This is a Fawn
3. The Loft
4. Urbanity
5. Kookie
6. Milk Motion
7. Whippet & Buck
8. Long Awkward Pose
9. So Many Styles
10. Doppelganger
11. Clawtooth by Clawtooth
12. Ty Zvezda
13. Fishy Strawberry


In my part of the world it is Christmas Day. If you do not subscribe to religious practice on this day, you may like to consider it a day for forgiveness, love, compassion, joy and faith in humanity, as I do.

The lovely Wisp Jinn of Wishbox has given a beautiful gift to her group:


To open the gift, you hold the jewelled chest, an art piece in itself


The dress is exquisite, as is all of Wisp’s work


I will be dining tonight with friends and making numerous international phone calls as part of my Christmas day


Thank you to all those people during the year who have read my scribblings and viewed my photos. This blog has given me great pleasure to put together, and has given me the opportunity to meet many talented and unique people. And ordinary people too, like me! Have a safe and loved holiday season, my friends!



Dress from Wishbox

Hair: Alex II from Maitreya

Skin: Lucy by Ugly Duck

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