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I’m so glad to see so many people read my blog, I have had so many in world queries about my photographs and the items themselves. My earlier Tres Beau post caused concern for some as there were issues in world with assets, transactions and logins. However the generous Kimmera Madison has now sent another gift for us to enjoy!’

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

This is a 1L free item

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

The skin is a group gift from Ugly Duck group, the shoes part of a gift from G Field

Another Tres Beau Gift for Christmas

This photo does not look like Kate Moss


Dress: 1L dress from Tres Beau

Hair: Alex II from Maitreya

Skin: Group gift from Ugly Duck

Shoes: group gift from G Field

Necklace: Pebbles from SiSSi

Just joking.

However, Linden Lab is in formal meetings with the Emerald Development team, in order to:-

– enhance communication channels to resolve issues

– bounce ideas

– work together to enhance your immersion experience

– share ideas and implementation strategies

News Flash!! Bolshie Emerald Dev Subjugating Lindenlab

A random selection of various Emerald Viewer developers, vigorously discussing the pros and cons of Very Important Things

As our virtual world develops, it is exciting to see different viewers created by many talented people. I encourage people to try the different viewers available. Some available are Kirstens viewer, Imprudence, Cool Viewer, and of course Emerald.

You can research 3rd party viewers yourself here

Linden Lab officially encourages and supports an open platform.

You can take a trip to Emerald Point to download Emerald Viewer yourself in world.

***additional info***

From Modular Systems:-

“Over the course of the last year or so, more and more people have chosen to use the Emerald Viewer; so many in fact, that it is now the most used third party viewer in Second Life. As a result, it is undeniable that even the most incidental of changes in Emerald, when multiplied by the sheer amount of users, can cause drastic effects on the grid. We thus felt it was necessary to work more closely with Linden Lab to prevent any serious issues from occurring.”

Read more here

Tres Beau has distributed a beautiful gift to subscribers – the exquisitely detailed Snowflake 09.

Tres Beau Gift

Includes all trim and necklace and hat

Tres Beau Gift

One of the prettiest dresses I have seen this Christmas

Tres Beau Gift


Snowflake 09 outfit, subscriber gift from Tres Beau

Hair: Alex II from Maitreya

Skin: Lucy from Ugly Duck

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