It seems as if Callie Cline has been part of SL forever, providing us with beautiful things. I popped over to her estate today after seeing that she was part of the 50 Linden Friday event. The dresses were bargains, the wreath the 50 linden item. Here’s what i found-

Callie's Christmas

Elegance in a variety of colours ‘Dressing Venus’

Callie's Christmas

In the Pink

Callie's Christmas

Cool blue

Callie's Christmas

My Little Blue Christmas

Callie's Christmas

From the 12 Days Of Christmas, 9 Ladies Dancing dress

Callie's Christmas


Clothing: All clothing and The Rock ring from Callie Cline

Skin: Bella from Ugly Duck

Hair: Leilani from Exile

Jewellery: Athshe from Alamood

Poses: Del May

Shoes: R2