Raven Pennyfeather of RFyre has released a new design.

Ina Centaur of IC-Skins has a skin sale on some lines, going through until Monday 30th November – “Skins with original photoreal faces starting at L$77. Select eyes are just L$4 !Your chance to stock up on the most photorealistic skins on SL now! Look unique”

I thought this a perfect opportunity to showcase both!

Katerina of the Steppes

Wistful and pensive in Katerina

Katerina of the Steppes

Richly textured

Katerina of the Steppes

Teamed with boots from Stellar

Katerina of the Steppes

Skirted jacket with knee length pants

Katerina of the Steppes

The unique and character filled skins of Ina Centaur


Clothing: All clothing from RFyre

Boots: Kenai Boots from Stellar

Jewellery: Faceted Parrot earrings from Paper Couture

Hair: Faye from Mirone

Skin: Ari from IC-Skins