Were you one of those people who loved Foam Hair when it made a fast entry then exit of the Grid? Did you hear the many variations to the rumours as to why? Are you waiting till the day that Foam re-emerges? Well, do I have some news for you! The founders of Foam will not be back in world under the original names, however Nouveau Miranda stocks the creations. The store stocks hair, shoes, bags, clothing – you will be doing yourself a favour by paying it a visit.

The creator of Nouveau Miranda, Wicked Loudon says:

” I was one of the founders of FOAM, a hair store started back in April. I was 17 when I started, and the other designer, Winter Littleboots was underaged too. Our accounts were banned for being underaged, so we will NOT be reopening. However, my styles are availible at Nouveau Miranda. If you have any inquiries about an item you purchased from FOAM, please feel free to contact me, I will do the best I can. As of now LL has seized Valentino Littleboots and it doesnt look like Ill be getting is back, so anyexchanges or refunds I wont be able to do. Sorry folks :(“

Without more ado, here are some photos

Welcome Back!

Dress and shoes by Nouveau Miranda

Welcome Back!

Dress and Shoes by Nouveau Miranda

Welcome Back!]

Dress detail

Welcome Back!

Brandi by Nouveau Miranda

Welcome Back!

The Lois Lane by Nouveau Miranda

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Welcome Back!

Freebie Hair! There is a fatpack of the style Amazonia

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and back view

Welcome Back!


All items where stated by Nouveau Miranda

Skin: Valerie by Pulse

Specs: Number 27 by December

My Hair: Someone’s Lady by Clawtooth