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Our first Asked and Answered panel in a short series entitled “All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft podcast ” took place today.

 All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft podcast 30 Oct

Our frank and open panel consisted of:-

Fractured Crystal – Emerald Dev
Tenshi Vielle – Artist’s Voice & SCD
Lonely Bluebird – Emerald Dev
Rebel Hope – Artist’s Voice & Rebel Hope Designs

Each shared their opinions, thought and experiences and answered questions fielded by the audience. As with many a podcast, a lively debate and discussion began as soon as recording stopped.
Many thanks to Malburns Writer for live streaming. And specially thanks to Rezz.TV – Stuart and his crew – for accepting my idea that i brought ti him and bringing it to fruition.

you can hear the podcast here

Next week we will convene another Asked and Answered Q & A panel in the All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft series. Thus far, I can confirm that KirstenLee Cinquetti will be participating, along with an expert in written word copyright, and a few more surprise guests! Keep checking to find out

I have spent the past week or so arranging a podcast with Rezzed.TV. Stuart Warf has kindly assisted to plan this event. This is a perfect opportunity to ask Emerald Developers their perspective on this topic. Also, Tenshi Vielle and Rebel hope give their views and experience

*** When: – friday 30th October 3pm SLT ***

Where: Rezzed.TV Amphitheatre

This Panel has been convened so that you the user have the opportunity to learn and educate yourself to make an informed decision on whether 3rd party viewers are right for you. The panel will field audience questions as well as Questions on Notice.
We are fortunate to have two of the Emerald Development team to answer questions. Also on the panel is Tenshi Vielle, Spokesperson for Artist’s Voice, an educative and information resource for content creators and users. Tenshi will advise on where you can seek information to ensure you are not trapped in a compromising situation. She will also give her perspective on the realities of content theft. Rebel Hope will be here to give her experiences with content theft and the ensuing issues.

” Asked and Answered – All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft”

Panel members

– Fractured Crystal – Emerald Devlopment

– Lonely Bluebird – Emerald Development

– Tenshi Vielle – Council, Artist’s Voice

– Rebel Hope, Owner, Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.® and Council member, Artist’s Voice

This Podcast Panel will operate in voice, moderated by Stuart Warf. Questions will also be quite acceptable in text chat on the day. Please come prepared for interesting discussion!

Stream: Live stream here (thank you Malburns Writer)

Questions on Notice: go here

Yesterday, I attended a Lindenlab Brown Bag event hosted by Blondin Linden. This was an informative Q & A whereby invited attendees could ask Lindens first hand of their issues and concerns.

All You Wanted To Know about 3rd Party Viewers and Content Theft

The audio and local text transcripts can be found here as well as on the original blog.

I suggest you read and listen to this.

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