I love skins and shapes. I have a vast collection. One of the reasons I enjoy my skins and shapes so much, is that it can change your image so dramatically with little effort.

I recently changed my standard image, much to the surprise and sometimes horror of my SL friends. I did this for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with here, however the end result is good, and I use it for all my blog photographs. EXCEPT THESE ONES.

The Light is The Way

This is the Lucy skin in Ultra Pale from Idiosyncracy, with Laney Shape from Silhouette

The Light is The Way

She is not tall or a classic beauty, however I am quite fond of this combination, I think she is very sweet.

The Light is The Way

You will notice that all my photographs have different windlight settings. This is one of the joys of Secondlife – you can change your light settings to suit yourself, dependent upon your mood, your graphics card, your skill at tweaking settings: upon a multitude of things

The Light is The Way

Isn’t it nifty? This is the same skin with various light effects, which you can also do

The Light is The Way

This one is a bit more harsh, but I do like it. Please remember that this skin is ULTRA PALE and I have played with light.


Skin: Lucy in Ultra Pale from Idiosyncracy @ Skin & Shape Expo 09

Shape: Laney by Silhouette @ Skin & Shape Expo 09

Hair: Cordelia in slate grey by Hal*hina

Clothing: Sweet floral bikini – Purple Roses by December