I found the funniest AO at Sine Wave during the week, and I’ve had the most fun being an idiot with it. Basically, this AO pays tribute to movie starlets, over indulged children of faded pop stars, drug addled singers, and other assorted people who are supposed to dazzle us with their antics in the popular press.

Fun With Fallen

Trying to make a point

Fun With Fallen

Too Cool for you

Fun With Fallen

various animations

Fun With Fallen

and more

Fun With Fallen

and again

Fun With Fallen



All animations are ‘Fallen’ AO by Sine Wave

Dress: Wilma in pink by Artilleri

Hair: Peaches in Auburn by Truth

Boots: 3 way Engineer boots by J’s

Skin: Lakes series from &Bean

Specs: Marilyn glasses Redux from Icing (gift from last year)