Miyoko Magic has a new store! She specialises in poses, and the ones I discovered are *perfect* for photographing full skirts without the dreaded “hands lost in skirt” look. She also has a really quirky AFK animation that you wear.

**Magic Motion**

Harajuku pose

**Magic Motion**


**Magic Motion**

A complement of 5 poses in total

**Magic Motion**

Excellent value for money too!


Poses from **Miyoko Magic**

Clothing: I found these different pieces from The Black Market, including top from Fishy Strawberry, pants (wow!) from Ohmai and dress from Doppelganger. All at bargain prices, with a special area for freebies and dollar items.

Skin: Beach series from Curio

Hair: Volcano hair from LAQ – perfect for hanging upside down

Hair: blonde updo from The fri.day sale

Shoes: 50 flats