Tonight when I logged in, aside from the usual notecards, textures, offlines, I had a DSN sample box to unpack. I was most pleasantly surprised to receive a new release dress from Reale. This dress shown here is a sample, so if you are subscribed to the fashion category of DSN, you will receive it. Believe me, it is well worth while unpacking.

I also took the opportunity to show another recent release from Reale.

The Reale Thing

Pink and stylish and pretty with uncluttered lines

The Reale Thing

And moves very well

The Reale Thing

Perfect for a careful walk across a bridge

The Reale Thing

or strolling at sunset

This post is especially for Lolita Oleander, who missed my dark hair, so I especially wore it tonight!


All dresses from Reale

Jewellery: NY earrings from Glow Studio

Skin: Beach 2 from Curio

Shoes: Mahealani in pink and purple from R2

Hair: Oh my TOCHIGI JAPAN from [OH] – free this week!!!