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This week marks the 3rd anniversary of my entry into this virtual world. I was so busy, the day passed before I realised, so I had a sort of remembrance of the past three years a little belatedly.

I arrived in world when the maximum avatars peaked at 13,000 on the best days, when crashing was a very regular event, when I thought graphics were restricted to about 5 colours because I had such a crappy graphics card, before voice, before the great influx of European people, long before the arrival of people from the Asian countries, and when the maximum frame rate I achieved fluctuated between 2 and 4. I look back and wonder what it was that drove me to keep coming back, as it was actually quite difficult with the computer I had at the time. I’m quite sure I was convinced that I had discovered a great thing, having been a chat junkie for years, I saw this as the next evolutionary step that I needed to take.

The Prelude

Pretty pretty Wisteria dress from Prelude

The Prelude

scrumptious textures!

The Prelude

In my world, spring is on the way 😀 – Sorbet Dress

The Prelude

Perfect for dancing the night away – Ambrosia

The Prelude


All clothing from Prelude

Hair: All hair from

Skin: Beach 2 from Curio

Shoes: purple Chi Chi pumps by Maitreya

Shoes: Fresh Pink shoes from Pixel Mode

Shoes: Mahie in Orange from R2

Jewellery: L’Chaim Necklace and Earrings from Earthstones

And finally, a thank you to all the people I have met during the past 3 years. It is you who brought me back, again and again. Through friendships, disagreements, debates, discussions, creations, artistry, exhuberance and joy, I would not have missed it for the world!

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