After cruising through the Ibizarre Sale, I wandered around the sim, mostly window shopping. That is, until a store I had not previously heard of caught my eye. These garments are all from Bublee Bing – the textures are quite detailed and luxuriously finished. All garments are extremely well fitting too. Oh, and there’s an almost-free gift too!

Bubblee Bing

This top is the 1 L gift

Bubblee Bing

And this is what caught my eye

Bubblee Bing

The skirt is a 3 colour pack. The shirt is with undershirt as well

Bubblee Bing

This skirt is a single colour option, with belt. Shirt can be long or bikini top

Bubblee Bing

I *had* to get this, it is so springy!


All clothing except for trousers from Bublee Bing

Trousers: Ishaya Velour Slacks in Acid from Zaara

Hair: Genie in Seaspray from Truth

Shoes: Silvera in black from DeLa at The Deck

Skin: Dune by Dutch Touch