Bijouaholic is a most appropriate name for this design house, as I find myself drawn back again and again. This dres, ‘Addict’ sums things up pretty nicely!

Addicted to Bijou

Textures are always fine and glossy with a luxurious feel

Addicted to Bijou

And it moves well too

Addicted to Bijou

Addicted to Bijou

Comes in a veriety of jewel colours


Dress: Addict in Lavender by Bijou

Hair: Genie in Seaspray by Truth

Skin: Osprey Beach by Curio

Shoes: Glamour pumps in gold by Detour

Sunglasses: Metropoli in glossy gold by Shade Throne

Jewellery: Pound necklace, Pound Bracelet and Windrowze earrings by Shade Throne