Today I decided on a gold theme, based mostly around some rather magnificent shades I found out about yesterday whilst at the Designers United Event.


Gold, shiny gold


And here they are, quite stunning, especially accessorised with the earrings


And bracelet


Both are the perfect accompaniment to this new release dress from Pink Outfitters


Dress: The Cabana Dress in gold from Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Glamour Metal Pumps in gold from Detour

Hair: Allison in Anxious Blonde from

Skin: Beach Osprey from Curio

Sunglasses: Metropoli in glossy gold from Shade Throne

Earrings: Chrysler earrings in gold from Shade Throne

Bracelet: One Pound Bracelet in gold from Shade Throne

And lastly, as I have nothing in world to give anyone, I will give you a song 🙂 To all my friends new and old, found and yet to be discovered, here you go!

Anika Moa and Op Shop, from New Zealand singing “Beside You”

This is for the traveller on a blinding desert road
May good fortune smile upon you and may love be your only load