Apple May has been in world almost has long as me, and I am coming up for my 3rd Rezz Day later this month. She has developed her style and techniques over this time, to deliver a diverse range, something for all tastes.

Apple May Designs

Mina is Sky

Apple May Designs

With She’s a Star earrings

Apple May Designs

The versatile Exquisite skirt paired with Alabama on the left and Cordy on the right

Apple May Designs


Apple May Designs

Candy Jacket


All clothing from Apple May Designs

Skin: Beach Osprey from Curio

Hair: Allison and deena from

Shoes: strap: Cocquette Noir Josephine by Indyra Originals

: Strap and Wrap: Marquise Sandals by Courtisaine

Apple May also provided a large range of clothes for Under 30 day old Avatars at her store