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Ashia Tomsen has created a beautiful skin range, under her label Idiosyncracy.
They can be seen in fully glory in this month’s issue of Vain Inc magazine, page 149.


This is Model in tan


Photographed at the Floyd sim


Also showing my new hair from !lamb


Skin: Model in tan from Idiosyncracy

Hair: Unbirthday redux in Snickers from !lamb

Shirt: Vintage Floral thermal in blue from Tres Blah

Meg Demina has been creating out of this world hats for some time now.

Chapeau tres Mignon

Creator and owner of the first SL haute couture milliners, this is entitled Salvador Dali hat Raw

Chapeau tres Mignon

On the left Dior hat and on the right Bird Nest hat

I wandered through the store until I came to an intriguing singn “To the Sunset Pavillion”. I followed a rambly path, and came upon this:

Chapeau tres Mignon

Naturally I took the freeloaders entrance as I was not a card carrying member

Chapeau tres Mignon

Joy! A long forgotten bathing pool, entirely deserted. I donned the free swimsuit, bathing cap and nose plugs, and water wings, and in I went.

Chapeau tres Mignon

A little on the chilly side, I soon felt warmed after a few laps

Chapeau tres Mignon

Very relaxing indeed to float aimlessly, if only for a little while. You should pay a visit to Meg’s private little paradise and see her marvelous creations your self


Hats: All by Chapeau tres Mignon

Bathers, cap, nose plug and water wings, gifted by Chapeau tres Mignon

Skin: Beach Osprey by Curio

Saturday afternoon, what to do? Yet another fashion show, party, canned music. I know…come on over to Cookie sim to hear LIVE MUSIC!! These two performers will get you dancing in your chair!

Home-cooked music presents: a Saturday night in the country.
Saturday August 1st, 7PM SLT
Each week we bring you a heaping helping of Country and Bluegrass music from the country store on cookie.

Blues n Bluegrass

7PM Bart and Whirl
These two specialize in good old folk, country, and blues. Playing and singing Those great songs from years gone by.

Blues n Bluegrass

8PM Cosmic Haystack
Good ‘ole Country Bluegrass banjo pickin’ with a Cosmic twist! Jazz/Funk/Rock fusion virtuosity . . . on the banjo! Impossible, you say? Open your mind and your ears to Cosmic Haystack! Taking a traditional musical instrument and warping it around adventurous noodling, Cosmic must be heard to be believed.

Blues and Bluegrass

This is me

Blues and Blue grass

And these are some others

My Clothes

Jacket by Lookr

Skirt by Apple May

Boots by Kitheres Industries

Hair by !lamb

Skin by Curio

Be here!

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